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Frank Lloyd Wright (American, 1867-1959)

Cottage Studio for Ayn Rand, unbuilt, circa 1946

Letter from Ayn Rand to Frank Lloyd Wright, dated December 12, 1937:

"Dear Mr. Wright, I am writing a novel about the career of an architect… The Fountainhead is to be the story of an architect who follows his own convictions throughout his life, no matter what society thinks of it or does to him… . A man who has an ideal and goes through hell for it… My hero is not you… But his spirit is yours — I think.”

Although they differed on social and political issues, FLW and Ayn Rand corresponded for years. Although she mentions that Wright’s concept was “magnificent,” it was marked “price upon request.” Ayn Rand could probably never afford to build it on her Connecticut property. So the idea of a sequel to Fallingwater consists of nothing more than the drawing above.

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